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Development History

    Development History

    The development of Enman Group Co., Ltd. is a brand that has gradually grown up after a long period of social precipitation and the support of new and old customers. Enman has always been adhering to the 'integrity and pragmatism, innovation and excellence' business philosophy. A brand that has been gradually built with the corporate tenet of '100% customer, scientific research innovation, product quality integration, service-oriented'. At present, the Enman Group is involved in various fields and its subsidiaries include: Jiangsu Enman Electronic Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Enman Auto Parts Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Mani Industrial Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Gimplen Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The founder of Enman Group germinated the idea of establishing a national brand, and gradually began to implement a strategic layout.

    For the first time, the founders of the group formally stepped onto the world stage, participated in the Dubai exhibition, and opened foreign markets. So as to strengthen the founder's determination to create a national brand!

    Shanghai Yaao Electronics Co., Ltd. was established and renamed Shanghai Manyi Industrial Co., Ltd.! From the beginning of its establishment, it has formulated the strategy of independent research and development, independent production, and national brand.

    Kunshan Yaao Electronics Co., Ltd. was established and renamed Jiangsu Enman Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Yaao Electronics Co., Ltd. independently developed a 'welding-free direct pressure pin core' and applied for a patent.

    Shanghai Manyi Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Ya'ao Electronics) invented the 'contact stably 90° direct pressure CAT6A pin core' and 'multifunctional modular patch panel' and applied for a patent. Jiangsu Enman Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was established.

    >February: Enman Group Co., Ltd. was formally established! ! ! Enman Group began to involve various fields. Its subsidiaries include: Jiangsu Enman Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Enman Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Shanghai Mani Industrial Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Gimplen Electronics Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Mani Industrial Co., Ltd.
    > March: At the CEBIT exhibition in Hannover ,Germany, Enman Group entered the international stage. The products of Enman Group are well received by friends at home and abroad!
    > December: Enman Group independently developed a utility model‘a dual-port universal zinc alloy ethernet faceplate’ and applied for a patent.

    Enman Group independently invented the utility model 'multifunctional tool-less keystone module patch panel' and applied for a patent. In March of the same year, at the CEBIT exhibition in Hannover,Germany, the enmane brand was favored by friends at home and abroad.

    Enman Group's subsidiary Jiangsu Enman Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. independently developed 'electric plug connector and keystone module with new jack shutter mechanism', 'universal cable clamping device, electric plug connector and electric plug connector slot', 'universal pin core', 'pre-wired management fastening device and electric plug connector and its slot adopting this structure', etc.

    Enman focus on shifting the Chinese market, focusing on building the Chinese Enmane brand. The self-developed 'a new type of cable tie' is suitable for fixing fast and conveniently cables on the wall surface of the equipment to be laid. Participated in Dubai GIT in October of the same year, and the high quality and high requirements of the Enmane brand have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign countries.

    Exciting continues, stay tuned!