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Enmane-Professional Industrial Grade CAT.6 Patch Cord, Game Fever Cable

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Industrial Grade/10 Gigabits Transmission/Customized Length/Safe & Reliable

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Enmane-Professional Industrial Grade CAT.6 Patch Cord, Game Fever Cable

Industrial Grade/10 Gigabits Transmission/Customized Length/Safe & Reliable

CAT.8 - CAT.7 - CAT.6A - CAT.6

CAT.6: High speed of data transmission up to 1000M and bandwidth up to 250MHz

Patch Cord
Crystal Head:Zinc alloy housing,tool-free crystal head
Metal Screw cap:Ensure the wire connection stable and reliable
IDC Terminal Base:Phosphor bronze contact teeth ensure the stable signal transmission
Ferrule:Full copper conductor,50U gold plated,stable contact,corrosion-resistant,anti-aging
Shielded:Multiple shielded
PCB Board:Built-in independent PCB board,anti-interference,stablilize network
Network cable:Shielded Twisted Pair(SFTP) can reduce the interference & signal attenuation
Upgrading feature:Thick copper wire,Stranded twisted pairs,New type 5G crystal head
Connector:Universal RJ45 sockets,8P8C

PCB Board: Excellent performance,High-speed transmission,Reliable signal

Built-in independent PCB board reduces NEXT (Near-End Crosstalk)
Patch Cord

IDC Terminal Base: Stable connection optimize signal transmission

Phosphor bronze contact teeth easy to cut the cable,and ensure the stable signal transmission
Patch Cord

Full copper conductor-Stable contact,corrosion-resistant,anti-aging

Flat shape with 50U gold plated coating prevent the coating falling
Patch Cord

No need to bend and easy to fix clip

Patch Cord

Wire-Great resistance to crosstalk, noise, and interference.

8-core twisted wires Stranded Copper with shielding
Patch Cord

Technical parameters

Manufacturer:Enmane Group
Type:Patch cord
Color:Black/yellow,green/orange,or customized
Jacket Material:PVC
Connector Material:Zinc alloy
Certification:FLUKE/3P Certificate
Standard:IEC60603 Standard
Temperature:-40°—80°,IP20 grade
Plug test: 30N,IEC standard
Load capacity:Structure strength 50N,no break and fall within 60 seconds
Test:Pass 360 degree rotory and swag instant break test,meet international standard
Highly Compatible:Supports 22 to 26 AWG solid or stranded cable wire with outside diameters between 5.0mm and 9.0mm
Applicable distance: Industry/Data center/Office/Buildings/ Vessel/Space/House
Warranty Period:12 months

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