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Enmane-0.5U 24 Ports Shielded Blank Patch Panel

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High configuration/Quality Guaranteed/ Space Saving

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Enmane-0.5U 24 Ports Shielded Blank Patch Panel

High configuration/Quality Guaranteed/ Space Saving

Shielded Blank Patch Panel
Integrated design:Use integrated thicken steel plate and cable management,Reliable and durable
Cable Tie:Simple for bundle cables, wires,conducts,etc.
Cabinet:19" cabinet/ Rack
Rear cable management:Can install cable tie
Detachable Label:Easy to replace and management
All the modules are available:Meet all the module requirements
Full shielded:Anti-interfere,stabilize transmission,better effect if use Enmane modules
Function:Connect modules and plugs

Full shielded

Nickel-plated steel frame on the back to prevent oxidation and interference
Shielded Blank Patch Panel

Rear cable management

Detachable cover,rear cable tray,neat cabling
Shielded Blank Patch Panel

Ultra-slim Design

The thickness only 2cm!
Shielded Blank Patch Panel

All the modules are available

Meet all kinds of modules's requests,high compatibility
Shielded Blank Patch Panel

Technical parameters

Manufacturer:Enmane Group
Type:Blank patch panel
Port: 24 Ports
Specification:1U 19''
Dimension:483mm*22mm*95mm (The dimension is only for reference)
Material: Cold rolled steel
Certification:FLUKE/3P Certificate
Wire Gauge:22-26WAG
Application:Compatible with any standard RJ45 sockets,Enmane's patch panels, surface boxes, or wall plates (face plates)
Applicable place:Industry/Data center/Office/Buildings/ Vessel/Space/House
Warranty Period: 12 months


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Professional R&D ability / Exquisite manufacturing process / Strict quality control


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