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Enmane-1U 25 Ports Dustproof Telephone Patch Panel

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Universal interface/ Well-formed/Integrated design

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Enmane 1U 25 Ports Dustproof Telephone Patch Panel

Universal interface/ Well-formed/Integrated design

Telecommunication engineering level, 2 cores 4 cores telephone patch panel
1U25 口电话语音配线架
Integrated design: Use integrated thicken steel plate and cable management,Reliable and durable
Big capacity:1U25 Ports,big capacity with multi ports,suitable for large-scale transmission
IDC Terminal Base:Stable connection,excellent transmission
Ferrule:High sensitive and Wide contact
Housing material:Anti-tust and baking varnish for a long-lasting, rust resistant finish
Detachable cover:Special dustproof cover,dustproof and rust resistant,keep the line sequence clear
Line sequence:Easy and clear, meet international common standard
Cabinet:19" cabinet/ Rack

Integrated design

Thicken the steel plate, and then add the wire coil. Integrated design, RJ45 / RJ11 crystal head is universal
1U25 口电话语音配线架

Ferrule--- High sensitive and Wide contact

Full copper with 25 gold plating make more stable contact
1U25 口电话语音配线架

High performance PCB Board

Special balance design,reduce interference,accurate and high speed data transmission
1U25 口电话语音配线架

IDC Terminal Base- Stable connection,excellent transmission

Phosphor bronze wire clamp ensure the excellent transmission
1U25 口电话语音配线架

Earth wire cable available

Reduces EMI/RFI interference,ensure the stable signal transmission.
1U25 口电话语音配线架

Wire Bonding

90-degree termination,4cores or 2 cores cable are all available,meet variety of cabling requirements.
1U25 口电话语音配线架

Technical parameters

Manufacturer:Enmane Group
Model:PUT25 1
Type:Patch panel
Port: 25 Ports
Specification:1U 19''
Dimension:483mm*117mm*44mm (The dimension is only for reference)
Material:Cold-rolled steel+ABS
Certification:FLUKE/3P Certificate
Wire Gauge:22-26WAG
Application:Compatible with any standard RJ45 sockets,Enmane's patch panels, surface boxes, or wall plates (face plates)
Applicable place:Industry/Data center/Office/Buildings/ Vessel/Space/House
Warranty Period: 12 months
免打1U25 口电话语音配线架


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